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Stihl HP Ultra two-stroke engine oil
HP Ultra two-stroke engine oil Fully synthetic oil with exceptional lubrication properties. Burns with extremely low residue due to ash-free additive. Suitable for continuous use under the most demanding engine conditions. Performance class: JASO-FD, ISO-L-EGD. Fuel/oil ratio 50:1.
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Fit for Petrol Engines
Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit prepares your outdoor power equipment for storage at the end of every season. Watch this video to learn more about preventing your engine fuel going stale over winter, leading to poor performance and problems with starting. Available in 250ml
Handy 5 litre Plastic Petrol Can
Always have the fuel you need close by to your garden machinery with this Handy Plastic Petrol Fuel Can which can hold a total of five litres of fuel and is constructed fro a strong and durable plastic. Handy plastic can Makes a great addition to your garden kit Holds up to 5 litres This convenient can...
Honda 4 Stroke Oil 1 Litre SAE30
Quick Overview Suitable for 4-stroke petrol machines including: Lawnmowers Garden tractors Brushcutters Hedge trimmers Blowers Tillers Snow blowers This Honda 4-stroke (1 litre) universal SAE30 oil is suitable for all 4-stroke machines from Honda. This includes the lawnmowers, garden tractors, brushcutters,...
Stihl HP 2-stroke engine oil 1L
HP two-stroke engine oil Excellent lubrication. All our chain oils stick to and lubricate the chain particularly well, prevent resinification even after extended stoppages and have particularly low environmental impact. Top selling mineral oil two-stroke engine oil. Specially developed for STIHL engines....
Stihl HP Super 2-stroke engine oil 4 mix engines 1 litre
HP Super two-stroke engine oil Top performance engine oil for two-stroke or 4-Mix engines All our chain oils stick to and lubricate the chain particularly well, prevent resinification even after extended stoppages and have particularly low environmental impact. Semi-synthetic oil with low-ash additives...
Stihl Superclean resin solvent 300 ml
The graphite and lubricating mineral oil based cleaner is ideal for cleaning cutting attachments, hedge trimmer blades and chainsaws. Especially for removing resin. Application: spray the cutting tools after each use. 300ml spray can.
Aspen 4 Alkylate petrol ready-mixed - 4 Stroke Petrol
Aspen 4 alkylate 4-stroke petrol Aspen 4 is the cleanest petrol that you can use. Aspen is made from alkylate Petrol which is made from the gases from the top of the distillation tower which is then synthetically modified into a liquid again. The result is a petrol that is virtually free from sulphur,...
Aspen 2 Alkylate petrol ready-mixed - 5 litre two stroke
Aspen 2 Alkylate petrol ready-mixed - 5 litre (two stroke) Aspen 2 is a ready-mixed (2%) alkylate petrol for all 2-stroke small capacity engines with a recommended mix of 2% or 1:50. It is mixed with a synthetic high quality high performance 2-stroke oil for maximum protection and low smoke. This 2-stroke...
Stihl MotoMix Premixed 50-1 Fuel 5 litre
Stihl MotoMix 5 litre When you choose STIHL, you're investing in one of the most carefully-engineered, high-performing and durable range of power tools available. So it deserves the best fuel. MotoMix is our own patented fuel created especially for STIHL 2-stroke engine power tools. It ensures the very...
Husqvarna Combi Can
Husqvarna Combi Can RRP 37 NEW FOR 2014!! Our redesigned Combi Can enables you to refuel quickly without splash effects nor any waste. In addition, the sizes of the two containers has been adjusted to achieve an optimised fuel and chain oil ratio (5.0 / 2.5 litres). Also, the new Combi Can has an integrated...
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