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Blowers and vacuums from STIHL really prove their value in gardens and traffic areas or parks. Fallen leaves, grass cuttings, general debris - nothing can withstand their powerful blast. Everything is cleared away quickly. The STIHL vacuum shredders pick up immense volumes of fallen leaves, cut grass or trimmings. This garden waste is finely shredded at the same time so that it can be used for composting or mulching.

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Handy 5 litre Plastic Petrol Can
Always have the fuel you need close by to your garden machinery with this Handy Plastic Petrol Fuel Can which can hold a total of five litres of fuel and is constructed fro a strong and durable plastic. Handy plastic can Makes a great addition to your garden kit Holds up to 5 litres This convenient can...
Stihl HP 2-stroke engine oil 1L
HP two-stroke engine oil Excellent lubrication. All our chain oils stick to and lubricate the chain particularly well, prevent resinification even after extended stoppages and have particularly low environmental impact. Top selling mineral oil two-stroke engine oil. Specially developed for STIHL engines....
Stihl BGE 71 Electric Garden Leaf Blower
Stihl BGE 71 Handheld Electric Leaf Blower The easy-to-use and quiet NEW STIHL BGE 71 electric blower unit can be used to clear up gardens, pavements and a variety of other areas. Highly effective noise reduction with powerful blower capacity. When combined with the practical vacuum adaptor kit, the...
£105.00 £76.00
Stihl SHE 71 Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum
The proud winner of the Gardener's World 'Best Buy' Hand-Held Blower / Vac Oct 2017! The Stihl SHE 71 is a low noise, electric vacuum shredder, allowing both the versatility of blowing, collecting and shredding material in one machine. Despite its light weight the blower unit operates powerfully but...
£130.01 £99.98
Stihl BG 56 C-E HandHeld Blower Ergo Start
Stihl BG 56 C-E HandHeld Blower Ergo Start Powerful hand held blower with ErgoStart (E) for easy starting. Ideal for general clear up jobs around the home and garden. The Stihl BG56CE blowers make easy work of moving debris lying around paths or driveways, around the home. The powerful, low emissions...
£265.20 £195.00
Stihl BG 66 C-E HandHeld Blower Low Noise
Stihl BG 66 C-E Low Noise HandHeld Blower Low noise handheld blower with ErgoStart (E). Easy to start and ideal for noise sensitive areas. Stihl BG 66 C-E is a quiet handheld blower ideal for noise sensitive areas. The BG 66 C-E with built in sound damper boasts a noise reduction of 35% compared to the...
£310.00 £225.00
Stihl BG 86 C-E HandHeld Leaf Blower Low Noise
Stihl BG 86 C-E Handheld Petrol Leaf Blower With a FREE 100ml Stihl HP Oil! This blower is one of the best on the market. Perfect for both commercial and heavy duty domestic use. This machine will provide a jet of air powerful enough to shift even sticky, downtrodden leaves with ease. Key to its high...
£320.00 £225.00
Stihl SH 56 C-E petrol leaf blower and vacuum shredder
Stihl SH 56 C-E Petrol Vacuum Shredder The Stihl SH56 C-E petrol leaf blower and vacuum has a powerful 27.2cc engine, it features Stihl Ergo Start for easy starting and weighs only 5.3kg. This Stihl petrol blower and vacuum is ideal for clearing paths and lawns of grass clippings and fallen leaves and...
£320.00 £235.00
Stihl SH 86 C-E 27.2cc Petrol Leaf blower Vacuum
Stihl SH 86 C-E High Performance Petrol Vacuum With a FREE 100ml Stihl HP Oil! Powered by a low emissions engine, the new SH 86 C-E professional shredder vac/blower has increased vacuum power and shredding performance that will blow you away. Fuel efficient and operator-friendly, this shredder vac easily...
£369.19 £249.98
Stihl BGA 85 Shell Portable Cordless Blower Unit Only
Stihl BGA 85 Cordless Blower (Power Unit) Supplied as shell only. You will need to purchase a battery and charger with this machine. The Stihl BGA 85 blower is a powerful portable cordless blower. Very easy to operate: simply switch on the two-speed axial blower to instantly benefit from outstanding...
£250.52 £250.00
Stihl BGA 100 Shell Portable Cordless Blower Unit Only
Stihl BGA 100 Shell Portable Cordless Blower The BGA 100 is a professional, hand held blower for gardeners and contractors. This blower must be used in conjunction with the AP Holster with Connecting Cable. You can use either an AP battery which slots in the holster or you have the choice of using this...
£310.00 £262.00
Stihl BR 200 Compact Low Weight Backpack Blower
STIHL BR 200 Compact Low Weight Backpack Blower The Stihl BR 200 Bring professional power to your garden with the new BR 200. This low weight backpack blower has the power to handle any blowing task around the garden. The simplified starting system, lightweight design and anti-vibration system provide...
£378.00 £280.00
Stihl BR 350 Compact Powerful Backpack Blower
STIHL BR 350 Compact Powerful Backpack Blower Powerful, economical and low-maintenance blower with effective anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue. Rugged enough to tackle wet, heavy leaves and lawn debris, it's more than a match for tough clean-up tasks. The simplified starting system and wide...
£426.00 £320.00
STIHL BR 430 Compact Powerful Backpack Blower
STIHL BR 430 Compact Powerful Backpack Blower Dependable power for the toughest jobs The new BR 430 delivers the dependable power that professionals need to complete tough jobs. A large fuel tank provides longer running times; whilst the simplified starting system, harness with extra wide shoulder straps...
£498.00 £360.00
STIHL BR 450 C-EF Backpack Blower Electric Start
Product Description High performance backpack blower with ElectroStart for simple restarting of the blower via the control handle. Thanks to ElectroStart technology the BR 450 C-EF back pack blower doesnt need to be removed from the operators back to re-start, saving time and effort. Another Benefit...
£540.00 £385.00
Stihl BR 500 Backpack Professional Leaf Blower 64.8cc
Product Description Professional backpack blower for cleaning large areas. Incredibly quiet, making it ideal for use in low-noise areas. Excellent anti-vibration system and ergonomic carrying frame. Innovative 4-MIX engine for a more pleasant sound, low fuel consumption and low emissions. Stihl 4-MIX...
£564.00 £410.00
STIHL BR 600 Magnum Professional Leaf Blower
STIHL BR 600 Magnum Professional Blower Top-of-the-range professional 4-MIX backpack blower A top-of-the-range professional backpack blower, the BR600 64.8cc 4-Mix petrol machine is ideal for efficiently and quickly clearing large areas, such as parks, of leaves, grass cuttings, litter and other materials....
£636.00 £420.00
STIHL BR 700 Magnum Professional Backpack blower
Product Description Ultra high-performance professional blower with length-adjustable blower tube and handle position adjustment without the need for tools. High blowing force, low weight. Ideal for easily removing grass and hedge cuttings, leaves and debris from large areas. Rubberised 2-component handle,...
£672.00 £470.00
Stihl SR 450 Powerful Petrol Backpack Mistblower
STIHL SR 450 Powerful Petrol Backpack Mistblower Powerful backpack mistblower for spraying large areas with liquid pesticides. With a spraying distance of up to 14.5 metres and easy to use functions, this model allows you to work efficiently and in comfort. Also fitted with a 2 in 1 conversion mechanism...
£738.00 £530.00
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