Hedge Trimmers:
 The most important maintenance on this  Gardening tool besides Petrol is the blades the trimmer contains. Make certain the blades are free and thoroughly cleaned of sticky sap, leaf debris before storing them, all of which may cause performance malfunction. Clean and check the fuel tank to make sure there is no fuel leakage. Here at Mad4Mowers we suggest that you always replace any worn or damaged components. Replacing the air filter is also a good idea. For more detailed maintenance like spark plugs cleaning and replacement, fuel filter and fuel pipeline feel free to get in touch with us! 

Lawn Mowers (Sit On and Hand-Pushed): For lawns more than 1.5 acres you may choose to use a Sit On mower or a high powered hand mower to care of your lawn area. Our personal rule of thumb is that Sit On Mowers should be maintained in the same manner as your vehicle. Remember to change the Petrol regularly, check for under-inflated and wearing of the tires, replace hoses, belts and most importantly use keep the gas filter and tank clean!This aids the overall performance of your mower and keeps it in top condition. Check blades for dents and chips. Dull blades can add more wear and tear on your mower's motor, also damaging your lawn.
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